First publication


Guerrilla Midgie Publishing is an imprint of HoAmPresst Publishing which exists to publish work that ‘buzzes’ and gets under the skin (in a positive way) on a range of advocacy issues.

The first Guerrilla Midgie publication is the Omnibus Edition of A Week With No Labels.

Previously published as separate daily ‘episodes’ (Monday to Friday) on Amazon, you can now join the fictional No Labels Drama Group for a full seven days.

A Week with No Labels takes you on an incredible journey. To a place where fact and fiction are merged and from which you will emerge exhausted with laughter but also more aware of the consequences of ‘labelling’ people. 

What readers have said about the No Labels journey thus far:

No labels on Monday introduces us to the members of the no labels drama group – briefly, respectfully and with affection. There is no need for more than a couple of sentences about each person as they soon begin to speak for themselves. And that includes even the members of the group who find speech particularly difficult. The writer guys herself slightly as the earnest narrator and facilitator, Kate, anxiously trying to arrive at some sort of definition of learning difficulty. Most of the time the group members remain silent as she flounders along, mentally castigating herself for inadvertant moments of possible insensitivity. But finally, rather brilliantly, she achieves an idea that the difference between those labelled with ‘learning difficulty’ and those called ‘normal’ is a ‘conversational impairment betweenboth parties. This is perhaps the most useful understanding of learning difficulty (which also includes dementia) that i have ever come across. I look forward to the next in this week long series. (Julia Jones)

In No Labels on Tuesday, the no labels drama group demand to put on a REAL play. The anxious narrator / facilitator Kate is compelled to agree and the resulting production is a hilarious, deeply moving triumph. This is a must-read. (Julia Jones)

 No Labels Monday – Friday These are 5 episodes chronicling the work of a fictional drama group (called No Labels) which are based on real work done by the author in collaboration with a beguiling, attractive, varied bunch of people tagged with the label ‘learning disability’. It’s a great read – funny, entertaining, but also thought-provoking in the best sense of the word. With each wee adventure, it gently challenges your perceptions of people, labels, and the values on which our society SEEMS TO run. I’ve just finished reading it and the characters are all still vivid for me. I know they’ll stay that way for a long time, too. (Bill Kirton)

I have really enjoyed my daily dose of No Labels and have fallen in love with the delightful actors. Such a heart warming read. (Dave Reynolds)

The Omnibus edition available from Amazon UK HERE and Amazon US HERE and also on Kobo (link forthcoming) includes two new ‘episodes’ taking you right through the weekend.

If you want to try a taster, each Monday to Friday episode is still available for 77p from Amazon.  Go to Cally Phillips Amazon Author page for full details of all her publications.