The Price of Fame

Our latest e-publication is by a newcomer, Kirsty Eccles.  In the wake of the recent Jimmy Savile scandal she finally turned to putting into print in fictionalised form, some truths that may not be stranger but are certainly less palatable if considered non fictional.  While the account that Kirsty gives IS fiction, she reminds us that these things DO happen and it’s fiction based on real factual experience. Sometimes fiction is the only way to tell the truth.

You can buy The Price of Fame as an Amazon ebook UK  or Amazon US   Kirsty will also debut on McStorytellers with the short story: Girls and Boys Come out to Play which you can read for free

These stories are hard hitting, disturbing and at times harrowing but they are important ones to read. They give a real insight into the worlds of those who generally keep quiet because they are afraid they will not be ‘believed.’  It’s time to start listening, and time to start believing.

Kirsty worked in financial services before turning to a career in advocacy services. We are happy that following a Guerrilla Midgie training course in fiction as advocacy she has allowed us to publish her story.