A week with No Labels

A Week with No Labels is just published is the paperback edition which you can buy FOR £6.99 by clicking HERE

Read the reviews by Brendan Gisby and Julia Jones  but whatever you do – read the book! Whether you download separate episodes or the whole thing or buy the paperback Omnibus, this is one book you should read!

There are now more ways than ever to enjoy A Week With No Labels.

Originally Monday to Friday came out as separate ebooks but finding out what No Labels got up to Monday to Friday just wasn’t enough for some readers.

Subsequently the Omnibus edition of A Week With No Labels added two new chapters to the story.

This is available to buy on Amazon UK and Amazon US for Kindle ereaders

Or  Kobo (epub) for all other ereaders.

But that wasn’t enough. So now, you can also experience the dramatic journey in paperback: £6.99 by clicking HERE 

Background to the story:  No Labels episodes were published free during June 18th -24th 2012 to commemorate LEARNING DISABILITY WEEK.  For a limited time you can still buy the individual episodes for the cheap price of 77p but why not take the whole journey either as an ebook or paperback?


Top of the freebie pops…

We’ve just been informed that Kirsty Eccles GIRLS AND BOYS COME OUT TO PLAY has been the most read short story on the McStorytellers website this month!

That’s great. As publishers of ‘advocacy’ writing our main aim is to get people reading, through whatever medium they choose.  During a recent free giveaway of Kirsty’s longer (and perhaps more harrowing) story THE PRICE OF FAME we achieved some success as well – though we’re not talking thousands of downloads here even for free. Low hundreds  to be plain. And to be transparent about the process we have SOLD precisely ONE copy worldwide in the last three weeks.  That’s not what one might call and advocacy success!  It also begs a bit of a question – if something is good enough to read for free what makes people baulk at spending less than the price of a paper or a cup of coffee to read it?!

It would be good to see the FREE READS backed up by people actually putting their hands in their pockets and buying the book. We’ve reduced the price to 99p from today.  Guerrilla Midgie are not about profit we are about principle but it would be nice to think that our readers are also prepared to put their money where their mouth is.   People happily (?) give a couple of quid to charity with nothing in return but a warm fuzzy feeling.  We’re not offering you a warm fuzzy feeling when you read The Price of Fame (in fact if you DO get one while reading it you should be worried!) but we are offering you an insight into what it’s really like to live as a victim of child abuse. It’s insidious and it could be happening to a child you know. Surely it’s worth having a read – and open your eyes to the fact that child abuse isn’t just a ‘scandal’ from time to time  – a media fashion which passes and we all move on to consider ‘important’ matters like who the next DG of the BBC will be. It’s something that’s ENDEMIC in our society and the only way to stamp it out will be to become AWARE of it.  The Price of Fame might help you in this respect. It’s fiction but only just! It’s also fact for many, many people – maybe even someone you know or are related to.

So please, if you haven’t read The Price of Fame, download it and tell everyone you know about it.  By all means have the FREE READ of Girls and Boys Come out to Play but how about backing it up with a commitment to buy AND TO READ a story which may not be something you WANT to read about but is really something you SHOULD know about.  That’s advocacy folks – opening eyes and changing minds.