Welcome to the festival. This is the start of FairTrade Fortnight and we very much hope you’ll come here regularly and join in by sharing your creativity with us.

The story of fairtrade is the story of people. Real people with lives very different to ours. But people with the same hopes, dreams and aspirations.  This fortnight if you watch the films and read the reports you’ll be transported from winter in the UK to countries all over the world.  Bring a bit of sunshine into your life each day. And bring some sunshine for workers around the world. Make fairtrade the inspiration for your flash fiction.  And let us see what you can do!

You may want to contribute every day or you may want to write about a particular product or issue.  It’s totally up to you. But remember, a bit of research won’t go amiss before you write your flash fiction. We’ve sourced links to a range of videos and reports for you to start your research journey. The documents are pdfs and the videos tend to be on YouTube.

Today, we’re giving you some links to inspire your fiction. (Clicking the blue links will take you to other sites)

Obviously the first place to go is   The Fairtrade UK  and Fairtrade International 

There’s just about all the resources you could ever want to increase your understanding and awareness here.

But since it’s day one, lets break it down into easy bite sized chunks for you…

Let’s start at the very beginning. What is fair trade?

And what about The Fairtrade Mark

There’s plenty more reading resources for FAIR TRADE 

And if you prefer to consume through viewing there’s plenty of FairTrade viewing as well

And all of this is very interesting of course. But you may want to know, what exactly is FLASH FICTION.  Because if you don’t know what that is, how can you join in? So, If you don’t really know what flash fiction is – you can find out more here

For this festival we’re defining it as writing under 1000 words.  You can write your piece and cut/paste it into the comments box for the appropriate day to join in the festival. It’s as easy as that. Whatever you do over the next two weeks, get reading, get tasting and get talking and writing about fair trade issues this fair trade fortnight. Make it a habit you get into and stick with it.

We’ll be starting tomorrow with Bananas. But here’s a free taster of a flash fiction piece from FairTrade Fiction (Volume 1) which might give you ideas or show you the kind of thing that can be achieved

(It’s just over the word limit we’ve set, but that’s to show you that we can all be flexible – the important thing is the FairTrade right! And your creative response.)

You can buy FairTrade Fiction as an ebook on Kindle and epub formats  and as a paperback




  1. Reblogged this on Cally Phillips and commented:

    FairTrade Fortnight starts today. And today Scotland has been afforded FairTrade Nation status. I’m not sure what that means, all I know is I’m doing my bit for Fairtrade by running the festival and writing fairtrade fiction. And hopefully others will join in!

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