I remember the day I first saw a cocoa pod. I was five years old. It was the best thing about school that year. It was huge. It opened my mind in so many ways. It made me realise that there is always something to learn and that there’s always more behind the surface of anything you can think of.  Bar of chocolate. Cocoa pod.  It taught me to look deeper. It started me on a journey of learning. And started a love affair with chocolate that has lasted a lifetime. But which has had it’s twists and turns. If you never think further than the bar in front of you… now’s your time to learn some important things about chocolate. And you can do all this while eating the stuff!




Cocoa commodity briefing

Whether you like milk or plain, I think it’s important that you know the bitter truth about Chocolate. This is what got me into FairTrade in the first place so… click CHOCOLATE THE BITTER TRUTH  to find out a whole lot more

And when all is said and done, don’t forget to post your own flash fiction on CHOCOLATE in the comments box below!

If you want to read more about FairTrade Fiction you can buy FairTrade Fiction Volume 1 as an ebook for Kindle or Epub or as a paperback just click the appropriate highlight. (The ebook is at the specially reduced price of 99p for the Festival and the paperback is cost price at £2.99)



One thought on “CHOCOLATE

  1. Chocolate – the good old days come back

    Did you ever give up chocolate for Lent? I went one better. After watching a programme on chocolate I gave up chocolate altogether, except FairTrade chocolate. In them days this was quite a sacrifice. You have to do it for chocolate derived products too – no drinking chocolate, no chocolate digestives, no mini rolls… yes, quite a sacrifice. But if you think about child slavery every time you’re about to put that chocolate in your mouth it becomes easier. Becomes a habit.

    But today. Today, and I hope to think it’s because of ‘consumer conscience’ acting as pressure. Today you can eat KIT KATS and MALTESERS and DAIRY MILK. A lot of the ‘big boys’ have bought into the FairTrade label. Now of course I am still hugely suspicious of the motives of the likes of Cadbury’s and Nestles and it peeves me that they don’t make ALL their chocolate products fairtrade but I reason that at least if I buy the ones that ARE and don’t buy the one’s that aren’t FairTrade, over time they might start picking up the message. And in order to make the most of my buying power I need to buy a lot of chocolate, right? So now, while I still buy Dubble, and Divine and all the really good FairTrade chocolate brands, I also buy the FairTrade options from the big boys.

    Multinational corporations the world over are NOT primarily concerned with FairTrade or consumer conscience or any of the good stuff that we real people can think about. They are dominated by the profit motive and the bottom line and all that. I will live and die and multinationals will keep going. I can’t bring them down. But I do think that if I (and everyone else) votes with their feet enough, some progress is made. In ten years of banging on about FairTrade I’ve seen some changes and it convinces me it’s worth keeping on going. So my suggestion (and it’s not fictional) to everyone is that we have loads of choice in what we buy. Why not buy the things that don’t exploit other people? Ethics is a minefield but if every one of us living the small picture acted according to principles of fairness then it has to do something to influence the bigger picture, surely. And even if not. At least you can sleep at night. If you can sleep at night knowing the level of unnecessary poverty and hardship dished out in the world as it is today then I can only assume you are part of the problem not part of the solution. I want to be part of the solution. I want to sleep at night.

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