Where were you?

coverTen years ago. Can you remember? It was when WAR was declared on Iraq (sorry, on terror, which appears to have been residing in Iraq, doubtless hiding behind all those weapons of mass destruction)

Ten years ago a group of Dumfries based writers protested in the only way they could, by writing and by reading out that writing.

Ten years on we’ve put together the bulk of that, with a bit of a retrospective, into an ebook (who’d have thought of ebooks ten years ago eh?) and you can download it now for Kindle or epub readers.

When print publishing ruled supreme you would never have had access to this material. I suppose that yes, it could have been all posted on a website, but now, because of ebooks, you can download your own little piece of social history for only 99p.  Published by Guerrilla Midgie you can see what we were all saying and thinking back then.  This sort of social history may not be hugely important in the scheme of things, but it shows you what some ordinary people thought. And what they still think. And that has got to be worth 99p surely?  It might even take you back to where you were yourself 10 years ago today.

Want to secure your copy. Here’s how to do it. Just click the link for your chosen ereader.

KINDLE UK version (99p) KINDLE US version ($1.50)  OPEN EPUB version (98p) for some reason too obscure to be able to work out.  Please note that open epub works on any ereader bar Kindle but you’ll need to download the Kobo app to get it. And if you feel particularly generous you can even send it as a gift to someone from the Kobo epub site.

Today at Guerrilla Midgie the war we’ve been fighting a war not against terror but against computers. For some reason (we think it’s a download of the new flash player fighting with Google Chrome) images and features aren’t working properly. Much time is wasted trying to work out how to fix problems one isn’t even sure one has diagnosed properly. This is a curse of the 21st century. But at least no one gets killed in the process. It is however   why this post isn’t more informative or more lengthy. But we’ve got the main bit of information out.

You can download WE COULDN’T STOP THE WAR for 99p. JUST DO IT. 


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