Game in four hours…

Most people wouldn’t imagine that those with the label ‘learning difficulty’ would be able to make a computer game in four hours. I expect many people imagine that those with the label ‘learning difficulty’ couldn’t PLAY a game in four hours.

Certainly as a 50 year old postgraduate with an MA in Philosophy and an MSc in Psychology I know I CAN’T PLAY GAMES and I certainly couldn’t BUILD one in four hours but…

CHECK THIS OUT (this takes you to BBC news site)

Guerilla Tea (of course we like them, they almost share our name) is a young game development company who have recently worked with a bunch of teenagers from Enable and as such, whether they knew it or not, brought advocacy work into the games industry. RESPECT BOYS. RESPECT.

I met Charles Czerkawksi of Guerilla Tea once, when he was a teenager and now I’m proud to say I’ve met him!  Young folk working with young folk.  If Guerrilla Midgie was in the business of awarding awards we’d award Guerilla Tea the ADVOCACY AWARD for 2013 RIGHT NOW.