It’s hard to be a foot soldier…

… especially when the sun is shining.

Guerrilla Midgie is hosting an advocacy residency at the 2nd Edinburgh ebook festival in August and at the moment busy writing and scheduling those slots. Which doesn’t leave a lot of time for anything else but today’s Authors Electric blog by Julia Jones was a must read.

It gave pause for thought. It left something of a bitter aftertaste and it caused no small amount of reflection.  The conclusion of which (at least for now) is that it’s really hard to be a foot soldier.

Is it wrong to be just that eensy weensy bit pissed off when you’ve been ‘banging the drum’ for autism and learning disability related issues for well over 18 months (in print) and many years before that in person and you can’t get noticed, and then David Mitchell (because he’s well known and has a son with autism) ‘steals your thunder’?

Well, yes, of course in one way that’s got to be really bad karma hasn’t it? I mean, autism isn’t (or shouldn’t) be a fashion statement or a marketing angle or the new Fifty Shades of Grey. And on reflection the chagrin felt at Guerrilla Midgie is really only that same feeling that started us up as an advocacy publisher in the first place.

The uncomfortable reality that WHEN SOMEONE WHO HAS POWER,INFLUENCE OR ACCESS TO THE WIDE WORLD says something people listen (and buy) and when someone who is just a foot soldier says the same things no one is interested (at best) or at worst they just get SHOT.

Remember our formation/mission statement: When the Dalai Lama or Anita Roddick say that one small person can make a difference everyone listens. When one small person says it no one listens.  Conclusion. You have to be a big person to get listened to.

It’s not a personal peeve then. It’s not ‘someone likes their writing better than my writing’ or anything as childish as that. It’s just another day in the trenches where the mud comes over your boots. But the sun is shining because at least more people will become aware of autism now.  And that’s the main thing.

It’s a bit of a motivational downer though. But I’m sure I’ll bounce back. There’s something much sadder in the trenches after all. My friend John, who used to ‘flap his hands’ and  ‘love to jump’ then fell and broke his neck. If he can stay happy, then sure as hell we can keep advocating his story and those of other foot soldiers.

If you DO want to read about learning disability FOR FREE while you’re waiting for your amazon copy of Naoki’s ‘The Reason I jump…’ Here’s how you can do it.

Download the FREE sampler of Jock Tamson’s Bairns. YES it’s still free even though Learning Disability week is over.

Read the FREE story Angus isn’t interested? HERE

or Read Heather Holds my Hand HERE

And if you do read them… why not tell other people.  Spread a wee cold if not a full blown virus why don’t you? In a good way!


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