We’ve won an award – and it’s all about labels!

Guerrilla Midgie is proud to announce that we’ve won an award! It’s from the Scottish Fair Trade Forum

Sometimes advocacy can be a sweet label!


In lieu of the forthcoming certificate, we bought ourselves a ‘prize’ of some fairtrade chocolate!

Here’s the detail:

Innovation Award (Special Recognition) – Cally Phillips

A special recognition in the Innovation Award category went to Cally Phillips whose advocacy in Fair Trade has taken on a different format.  Through the medium of drama, writing and publishing, Cally has been spreading the word about Fair Trade and converting people to it into the bargain. 

Cally has established an advocacy publishing company Guerrilla Midgie, which published ‘Fair Trade Fiction Volume 1’ during Fairtrade Fortnight and an e-book ‘Five Fair Play Dramas’, a collection of ‘flexible’ plays that have been used by Fair Trade groups at events all over the country since 2007. She also recently ran an online Flash Fiction Festival to encourage people to ‘get creative’ in writing about Fair Trade. 

As the above suggests this award is for our fairtrade ‘advocacy’ work in the field of drama and publishing.  Here’s a bit of background to it. The innovation started in 2006 when Cally Phillips first wrote ‘Go Bananas’ and ‘Wake up and Smell  the Coffee’ which were performed as part of a Lottery Funded project in the summer of 2006. The plays were performed by a drama group of adults labelled with learning disabilities.

For Fairtrade Fortnight 2007 Cally added a further three ‘flexible’ plays and made them available for performance as scripts via the internet.  Hundreds of people across the UK performed one or more of these plays during the fortnight to a total audience of thousands.

In 2012 when Guerrilla Midgie Press was set up, Five FairPlay Dramas was published as a Kindle ebook on Amazon allowing others to buy and perform the scripts.

For Fairtrade Fortnight 2013 Cally put a new twist on things by publishing Fairtrade Fiction (Volume 1) as an ebook and paperback.  This supported Guerrilla Midgie’s FairTrade Fortnight Flash Fiction Festival Top Ten which was held online during Fairtrade Fortnight.

fairplayDon’t forget: you can buy Five Fair Play Dramas as an ebook for Kindle HERE at the princely sum of 77pffvol1

And FairTrade Fiction (Volume 1) is available as an ebook for Kindle HERE for £1.00 and as a paperback HERE for £2.99



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