It’s that time of year again…

And here at Guerrilla Midgie we generally try to avoid the ‘c’ word.

But to show we’re not grouches, here – direct from WIGHTWORLD are virtual gifts for all.

They cost you nothing. They cost us a bit of time, thought and effort.

To see our Card click  Christmas time  and for a free gift click here.

There’s a story behind the card. It’s all to do with Nelson Mandela.  Having spent the best part of 10 days watching all the coverage (blog on that to follow) a reflective mood was dominant.

Only having the song on that dinosaur media called ‘tape’ which when played now sounds like it’s happening in a swimming pool while one is wearing ear defenders, Cally spent hours trying to get hold of a downloadable copy of the song that was a life-changer for her.

Finally YouTube yielded it up, and here it is. PLAY LOUD.

Cally then played said song (repeatedly) to George who reasonably enough asked: so why do you like it so much?

Ah. A discussion on meaning was to ensue.  And Cally did indeed have to reflect and work out IN WORDS what it was that evoked such an EMOTIONAL response to this particular song. You’d think as a writer it would be easy enough. Not so.  However, here’s a sort of paraphrased response:

The song is basically lists – in a language I can’t understand. The lists are as I understand it names of those who suffered under apartheid, names of the places atrocities occured and names of the capitals of other countries which aided South Africa.  Following this ‘exotic’ list is one line in English ‘the children sing about the great ones who cry freedom for South Africa’

Now firstly, the fact that this is the ‘hook’ on which to get understanding was profound to me. Also, the fact that when I first heard this I’d just finished watching Cry Freedom and was literally stunned, in my seat, unable and unwilling to move out of the cinema back to the ‘real’ world and something I really cannot put into words about the melody, these are the reasons it stays in my head and moves me every time I hear it.  I suppose also there’s a hope (and irony?) in that it is CHILDREN who sing about THE GREAT ONES and that the GREAT ONES are those who suffered for the cause of freeing Africans from apartheid.

Well, this is all George got and Cally didn’t really feel it was an adequate description. Though it did seem like the beginnings of some practical personal discourse analysis which always makes her happy! But something must have been communicated because the card was George’s  ‘creative’ response to that -tailored to this particular time of year when we are all supposed to forget ‘real’ and ‘important’ things in favour of luxury and over indulgence and the like.

Together we discussed and tweaked the wording around the tree and that was good too – sharing a creative commitment. As life partners we share many things. Some of the important ones (since you ask) are a commitment to FairTrade, to equality and to advocacy.  Hopefully this ‘festive’ season we are able to share some of our commitment with you, creatively!

The card may be ‘political’ but the ebook is just for fun. Because of course, despite holding what seem to be some ‘radical’ views, we do have senses of humour as well. Well, George does at least, Cally – the jury’s still out on that one.


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